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Noida is developing, and the city’s real estate is touching new heights every now and then. However, Noida Expressway, which has been developed as a hub for IT companies, is gradually expanding and has come across as the best choice for both commercial and residential properties in Noida.

The reason?

Strategic location of the region, amazing infrastructure, amble civic amenities, employment and education opportunities and moreover, the affordable real estate. This when clubbed with the high capital appreciation that Noida promises in the next few years, the real estate offering of the city looks great.

However, if you find yourself lost in the ocean of different real estate properties that are currently available, this guide is for you.

Here are the top 4 commercial developments on Noida Expressway that will certainly make a great addition to your investment portfolio. Not only that, but they also have the potential to provide you with amazing capital appreciation in the future for the unique features and amenities they offer.

Mall of Noida in Sector 98

Considered the first mall in Noida when you travel from Delhi towards Pari Chowk, Sikka Mall of Noida, or the Mall of Noida, it is a great investment.

The property offers retail spaces and food courts for sale and is already ready to move in. This means that the property will start producing stable rental incomes right from the time you purchase.

Here are the top features and reasons to invest:

  • Multimodal connectivity through Metro and Noida Expressway
  • Mall of Noida offers different configurations of properties available at different ticket sizes for retail investors to buy properties with lower capital.
  • Proximity to residential areas and employment hubs promises high visibility and high footfall.
  • Low maintenance cost
  • World-class QSR, fine dining options, multiplex, corporate suites, and and one of its kind atrium

Sikka Mall of Noida in Sector 98, being strategically located with amazing connectivity, should be your first choice if you are looking for a ready-to-move-in commercial property. 

Bhutani Avenue 133

Located in Sector 133 with a strong brand identity, Bhutani Avenue 133 offers retail spaces, food courts, and one of the first exclusively available blot gaming zones for investment. Since the property is close to schools and educational institutes, the strategic positioning works in the favour of the offerings made here.

The architecture of the property is inspired by the famous Changi International Airport of Singapore. Hence, the property will have India’s first indoor waterfall that is a marvel in itself, enough to attract high footfall.

Here are the top reasons to choose this:

  • Connected via metro and expressway
  • Close to employment hubs, top schools and universities
  • Residential hotspots nearby
  • Under construction property available at lower ticket size with potential to get high resale value upon completion
  • 2 minutes walk from Noida Expressway

Hence, if you are looking for an investment that has a strong brand identity and potential for high capital appreciation, this is a fine option for you.

Fairfox EON

Known by its popular name, Fairfox EON, it provides investors with a variety of investment possibilities. EON (Eye of Noida) is a unique architectural design that has the potential to completely change our understanding of Noida’s real estate market dynamics. It features a three-sided open corner plot and a good connection via the Sector 137 metro station.

Located in Sector 140A on the Noida Expressway, the property has high visibility areas and is intended to serve as an IT/ITES hub. It is a wise investment because of the excellent brand image, which increases investor confidence. The property offers retail spaces, food courts, commercial studio apartments, and office spaces for sale.

Reasons to invest in Fairfox EON:

  • Strong brand value and record for superior property delivery on time
  • Under construction property available at a reasonable pricing
  • Connectivity via metro and Noida Expressway
  • Proximity to residential and commercial hubs
  • Indian Green Building Council rating for a sustainable and green development

Investing in a commercial studio apartment or an office space will be worth the investment since these are the offers that set the property apart and makes it a decent choice. If the office space that you own is leased by a corporation you can enjoy easy rentals for a longer period without much hassle.

GYGY Mentis

The returns and leasing guarantee that GYGY Mentis Shops and office spaces deliver are the buildings’ most striking features and the major reason for considering an investment.

The occupant’s well-being and sustainability are taken into consideration during the design blueprint of this commercial property. The property is an ideal choice for investments since it has well-planned walkways, unobstructed views in every direction, and roomy layouts.

Reasons to consider this as a wise investment choice:

  • 15 minutes from the metro station and just 2 minutes from Noida Expressway
  • Right in the middle of Indira are the two biggest airports, i.e., the Indira Gandhi Airport and the upcoming Noida International Airport.
  • Educational and employment hotspots in close proximity promise high footfall for commercial property.
  • Equipped with EV charging and over 13 elevators for a futuristic approach.
  • Web-based car parking management system

If you want to invest in an under-construction property for a long-term capital gain and stable monthly rental, you should not miss checking this property out.


The returns on any real estate investment depends on how the location is and how it will look in the future. From that perspective, the Noida Expressway region is a great choice for real estate investors especially if you are looking for a commercial property to invest in.

Noida is on its way to becoming the next economic hotspot of the NCR. Noida’s real estate is quite affordable compared to Delhi and Gurugram. Some of the best properties on the Noida Expressway that you can consider are Sikka the Downtown, Fairfox EON, Bhutani Avenue 133, and GYGY Mentis. All these properties have their own features that are different from each other. Hence, you can decide which one aligns best with your investment goals and objectives.